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Posters Track

Posters will be presented during the Welcome Reception on Tuesday, May 26th, 18:30-20:00

The accepted posters are the following:

  • Feature-Preserving Downsampling for Medical Images. Jesús Díaz-García, Pere Brunet, Isabel Navazo, Pere-Pau Vázquez, Frederic Perez

  • Deformation-based Lens for the Exploration of Geo-Networks. Alberto Debiasi, Bruno Simoes, Raffaele de Amicis

  • Radial History Flow: Direct Visualization of Author Dynamics in Wikipedia. Taeil Jeon, Jihyun Lee, Wonho Lee, Wonjong Rhee, Bongwon Suh

  • Mapping Visual Attributes of Logos: A Case Study of Parallel Coordinate Plots. Taeil Jeon, Wonho Lee, Jihyun Lee, Bongwon Suh

  • Bridging the Gap Between Machine Learning Experts and End-Users with Interactive Uncertainty Visualization. Emma Beauxis-Aussalet, Joost van Doorn, Lynda Hardman

  • Quality Metrics Driven Approach to Visualize Multidimensional Data in Scatterplot Matrix. Michael Behrisch, Lin Shao, Juri Buchmüller, Tobias Schreck

  • Interactive Free-Form Volume Editing. Kihyuk Kim, Sungkil Lee

  • Visualization of Water Leakage Estimation Results. Hiroyuki Yamahara, Katsuya Yokokawa, Ryo Namba

  • QualityFlow: Provenance Generation from Data Quality. Christian Bors, Theresia Gschwandtner, Silvia Miksch

  • Selective Saturation and Brightness for Visualizing Time-Varying Volume Data. Luo Shengzhou, John Dingliana

  • Enhancing Time Series Segmentation and Labeling Through the Knowledge Generation Model. Theresia Gschwandtner

  • Adaptative on-the-fly Molecular Ribbons Generation. Pedro Hermosilla, Alvar Vinacua, Pere-Pau Vázquez