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STARs Track

ST1: Graphs

Wednesday, May 27th, 9:00-10:40 in Room T4

Session chair: Tatiana von Landesberger, Technische Universität Darmstadt

  • A Survey of Multi-faceted Graph Visualization. Steffen Hadlak, Heidrun Schumann, Hans-Joerg Schulz

  • The State of the Art in Visualizing Group Structures in Graphs. Corinna Vehlow, Fabian Beck, Daniel Weiskopf

ST2: Graphs and Biomolecules

Wednesday, May 27th, 11:00-12:40 in Room T4

Session chair: Christoph Garth, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern

  • A Survey of Graph-Based Representations and Techniques for Scientific Visualization. Chaoli Wang

  • Visualization of Biomolecular Structures: State of the Art. Barbora Kozlikova, Michael Krone, Norbert Lindow, Martin Falk, Marc Baaden, Daniel Baum, Ivan Viola, Julius Parulek, Hans-Christian Hege

ST3: Humanities and Malware

Thursday, May 28th, 9:00-10:40 in Room T4

Session chair: A.J. Pretorius, University of Leeds

  • On Close and Distant Reading in Digital Humanities: A Survey and Future Challenges. Stefan Jänicke, Greta Franzini, Muhammad Faisal Cheema, Gerik Scheuermann

  • A Survey of Visualization Systems for Malware Analysis. Markus Wagner, Fabian Fischer, Robert Luh, Andrea Haberson, Alexander Rind, Daniel A. Keim, Wolfgang Aigner

ST4: High-dimensional Data

Friday, May 29th, 9:50-10:40 in Room T4

Session chair: Marco Agus, CRS4

  • Visualizing High-Dimensional Data: Advances in the Past Decade. Shusen Liu, Dan Maljovec, Bei Wang, Peer-Timo Bremer, Valerio Pascucci